As you may have noticed, The Soliloquy Suites has been gutted, eviscerated, revamped and any other colorful catchphrase that you can conjure up. The reason for this is that I’ve recently been informed that having my fiction and WIP (work-in-progess) on my blog can actually jeopardize my chances of getting a book deal. There’s a risk that by having chapters of my novel or anything else that could become published up on my blog may actually inadvertently breach a future contract. I am more than eager to share my material with you, dear audience, but I’d much prefer to do it through terms that benefit the both of us.

So for that reason, I’ve decided to re-dedicate The Soliloquy Suites to writing and my journey through writing. I’ll be sharing my observations in writing, useful information, links, blog posts and hopefully connect with both budding and professional writers and word weavers. I will continue to publish my poetry since I’m more focused on publishing stories than poems…not that there’s anything wrong with poets. My sister’s one! I apologize to anyone who was ravenously devouring “Fury Us,” but fear not, for Adam, Bisset, Leo, Giorgio, Noir and Detective West shall return soon and the mystery of the Johnsons and much more shall be solved. This isn’t the last you’ve read about Dominion City!

For all of my subscribers, I hope that I can still entertain you, and for the occasional passersby, I hope that I can offer you a few nuggets of wisdom and make you feel at home. I appreciate everyone who’s made this journey with me so far, and hope that we’ll continue on together.

Alright, take two. Annnnd…