This sunrise can no longer slumber on the line of the horizon
It must crack the sky, blind every eye in sight of sight
Muddle the blight that has blanketed this world
His world
Bright shafts that slice, skewer, stab and shank
There is no such thing as a timid crack of dawn
When Ra rises you can feel it, know it on a cellular, instinctive level
The clouds swell, revel and are compelled to show the light, spill the light, work with the light
To magnify its brilliance
The sun doesn’t try to be spectacular, warming, hot, bright, obvious or searing
It merely is
It was created this way
As was I
Eye stare up at the sun, gaze un-shaded, pupils invaded with this heavenly heat
I do not blink, scrunch, wince or cringe
For that original orb of opulence has a light that mirrors mine own
That globe of burning gas is the center that holds our universe together, roots everything into place
Not because it wants to, but simply because it does
The sun does not wonder who, what, where, why when or how it is
It simply is
Flaring, glaring, sharing and declaring itself the only way that it knows how
The only way that it can
Because that is how it was engineered, that is the method of this universal madness
Does the sun doubt itself? Does the sun burn with fear? Does the sun attempt to veil itself behind Venus or Jupiter? Making itself smaller so that it cannot be seen
The sun is simply the sun
And in its name is where it finds itself
Just as in my game is where I play myself
Time out
I need to reset the board
Just figured out the rules