Gyrating in a gyroscope

Baptized by the blood boiling from my


Voluntary vampirism as I suck the blood of others,

others whose blood type I don’t share

Personality poisoned, fragmented, frayed

Self-betrayed by the man in the mirror

Accept what I reflect as I deflect the

truth on my Wonder Woman bracelets

Lasso of Lies stitching the disguise I wear

as I smile, nod, laugh and walk into their nest

Do my best to fit in, make it feel natural

but the actual fact of the matter is

I pop pills to skew and slew my sense of the reality

of the poser I’ve chosen to emulate

Until I gestate back into my natural form

and conform to the standards I’ve set for myself for the betterment of my health

It really is like being born again, blessed water drank from a tin cup

as a Mac truck runs me over and presses me back into shape

Flat to the earth

Back to the soil and the natural oil that I bathe in

Gave in to myself, to stop struggling

against my natural urges, natural surges

of self and personal wealth

That cannot be spent  no matter how much of me I buy

I cry

Because I’m so happy to be in my own spiritual house


My spiritual kingdom where I am servant to my thoughts and ruled by my intellect,

sail across the seas of regret in a ship wrought by ambition, prayer, love and forgiveness

And in this is where I lose myself

And in this is where I find myself