Spin back forward upside down reverse turned inside out
Is where I am
Contort myself out of shape into a metaphor of my natural being
Redefine the word perfection, a name I once had
Traded it in for something with power-steering and anti-lock brakes
Only to see I’m the only one who was braking
St-t-t-t-t-tuttering, jerking, sliding and swerving down my road
Unseeing with blinders, shielded by a veiled force field
Didn’t even know I had my seatbelt on
Keeps me safe, secure, protected…clean
But I need to be vulnerable, need to fly through the windshield like a brushstroke through the air
Watch the chaos flow like molasses, sweet, fresh, dark and thick
Like me
Every bone in my body is shattered, protruding from my scratched skin
Revealing the real me underneath
The me that has no skin because I cannot be contained
The me that has no skeleton because I slip into every crack, crevice, nook and frame I encounter
The me that has no blood because I am the life-giving liquid pump pump pumping through the universe’s veins
The me that has no mind because I am the thought that thinks, the idea that inspires, the memory that monopolizes
Never have I been so relieved not to have insurance
Those Allstate hands cup and bring me to your good neighbor’s lips and give them succor
Infecting you with the best virus you’ve never had
No need for antibiotics, for I am the anti-hypnotic that brings you out of the Matrix
I give you a fever and force you to sweat out the tyrannical toxins that seep in to your skin
I force you to stay in bed so that you may sleep and dream and remember who we are
Cough up the phlem stuck in your throat that keeps you from speaking the truth
No need for ice, burn hot, burn brilliant, burn bright and burn out of your flesh and sizzle and pop like hot bacon grease
Take off your seat belt, drive with your eyes closed and let your soul guide you
Accelerate through red lights, halt at green lights and do whatever the hell you damn well please at yellow lights
Or better yet…
Just walk