I love the single star that attends the moon when she is almost full, full to bursting with ivory sheets and shades of glory, heaven and a smile that paints my face as I look up at her.
The star stands close enough to be noticed by her, but not so close that it blemishes her brilliance as she shines down on the earth.
I can’t help but wonder if they know that we look upon them, down here on solid ground in joyous envy. I look up and want to be with them and yet think that I’m happier to simply gaze at a snapshot of paradise and euphoria that lasts three nights.
Rainbow rings of perfection and soft light surround the Moon Goddess, guided into position by her regal nature, her gentle hand and her righteous brilliance.
Like celestial accessories they serve only to enhance her countenance, dripping from her aura like delicate diamonds, precious pearls, and obliging opals.
When we look upon her blazing consort we squint our eyes and hide our faces as we soak up his hot hot rays.
His light penetrates all, all-seeing eyes that press into our flesh like gripping fingers in the summer and caress us like a lover in the spring
Their marriage is one that is created equal, he rules the day as she sits sovereign in the night.
His ambition waxes during spring and summer as she and her twinkling platinum attendants hold sway over never ending winter nights.
It’s a shame that people have lost the compulsion to look up and see what heaven has spread over itself like a tapestry
I for one will remind them all
I will sing the melody of the moon and whisper the soliloquy of the sun.
Open your ears and let the light in