Dear Heart,

I hate the way you make me
When the new guy walks by
            T H U M PT H U M PT H U M P
Like thunder in my chest
I despise how foolish you are
As I turn my head to look at what I can’t have
damn shame
You force me accept the fact that I’m just like everyone else
Ruled by a muscle no larger than my fist
Pummeling and bludgeoning my thoughts with insensibility
Your pumping and susurrations slide like neon in my blood
Setting brown cheeks aglow
Stop that
I’d rip you from my chest if only the process didn’t kill the both of us
I need you as much as you need me
The heart is a lonely hunter, as am I
So how is it that both of us wind up as the prey
Caught up in the jaws of madness, waiting for them to CHOMP! down
I close my eyes
And listen as you propel yourself
Through tortured veins