Desolate king of the skies
On my head sits a crown of lies
Cold are the winds that tumble through these robes
Frigid and barren through empty occipital lobes
My breast beats hollow and resonant
Filled with the sluggish blood of a revenant
Shrive my heart of his burning sin
Absolve the yearning gnawing within
Call fire to my veins and fill me to the brim
Consume me from marrow to follicle, root to stem
Take my love and plunge it into the waves
As the wolf calls to the moon in rippling bays
Blast my mind and sew the blowing fragments
Stitch in, stitch out as spiritual waters run stagnant
A mouth filled with ash and dust
Coating my throat and bursting my stomach with disgust
Spikes to my cranium, acid between my thighs
Unmanning me, unmaking me to malice and tattered alibis
The mirror has exploded and sliced me to threads
Leaving me a lump lying around your legs